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All Raids will start at 21:00 servertime
7-raid rules
1-Sign up for raids
2-No damage-meter’s till raid is over
3-if you need to go afk /w a officer
4-no picking or spamming guild members on raid/guild chat
5-keep vent spam-free @ all times
6-No one loot boss till raid leader say’s it’s ok to loot
7-Chill Out and Have Fun Very Happy


Loot- tank’s / healer’s will have priority on tanking/healing gear

Loot will be given on a class to wear bases e.g.: druid-leather / warrior–plate etc

Inactive member’s will get a 21 day away max after that they will be replaced

Ppl that rebel and raid @ guild raid time will get a warning and next time will get replaced

No more w8ting around raid time is @ 21hs be online before and ready for a inv

I expect to form a solid 25 man raid 3 day’s a week if we cant raid the less inactive / less geared/ poor skilled will be replaced for active member

Member’ should look out not to mess up there main status over OS

Alt’s will not be aloud to raid essential raid’s

Hello World

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 Tentakeln ninja

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PostSubject: Tentakeln ninja    Sat Dec 04, 2010 3:16 pm

Hello guys, I'm not sure if I came to the right place, but if this is the forum of the guild Chronicles from Outland / Misery than I'm in the right place.

I usually dont post for such things but I was really annoyed whan this happend. Few minutes earlyer we had a party to Heroic HoR with one of your members named Tentakeln, <<< this guy, and after hard tryes (i'm a beginer tank) we managed to finish it. After we finished the instance, the chest from the ship droped 2 items, a mace 1 handed and a neck for tanks. Before anything I asked if I could need them, but by the time I pressed need Tentakeln already needed and won them. I'm usually not that upsat but main hand for a tank is prety hard to find....so i'm thinking, after all, I do make sacrifices to be a tank and to gear up for noobs like Tentakeln to be able to finish an instance and what do they do? they steel my tanking gear.
I dont really know how things on Outland goes but on Kazzak is not really nice to ninja items and ninjas are considered to be unreliable people.
This is what I wanted to tell Sky about this incident, I can also add the screenshots i made with the thief if you want.
I'm sure you guys will take the right decision, from what I saw your guild is very big and respected (by the gear of the players) meaning that you have a nice progress (except if everything is ninja...witch i doubt Razz )

Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience.

Equity @ Kazzak.
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Tentakeln ninja
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